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I came across this video and I thought it was pretty interesting.  One of the things about Karate, is to learn it well, you have to be able to see what is being taught.  Well, unless you are “Daredevil“, and he only lives in the comics.  Irfan Ansari has other videos on his YouTube site, check’em out and Tell him I sent you.  Thanks.

Karate Uniform 101


When a person decides to  start martial arts classes some of the things that they consider are who is going to teach them, and where they are going to be taught.  But one thing that people fail to think about is what they are going to wear when taking their classes.   Every one who takes karate classes usually begins their training wearing a traditional karate uniform.  Most people don’t even think about buying a student karate uniform.   But it is something that needs to be considered.  A karate uniform, or karate gi as it is called does not enhance your ability to actually perform karate.  But it is important to get the right one, because it will allow you to be trained, without worrying what you are wearing.

Karate uniforms come in many different weights, styles, and colors.  In general they have a loose fit, and are made from cotton. They feel like an almost canvas type material.   They come in three different styles, the Kata style, the European style, and the Japanese style.  In most cases the stitching is reinforced because these uniforms take a lot of abuse during training.  There are three different weights, light weight, middle weigh, and heavy weight uniforms.   They also come in a variety of colors.  When training at a school you usually can’t just go out and buy the uniform of your choice.  Most karate masters require that their students start off with a certain color uniform, usually white, and usually in a light weight material.  The difference in the weights comes down to heavier and stiffer fabric.  As the weigh increases so does the price.

The actual colors of karate gis don’t really signify anything.  White is the traditional color, blue is a favored color, and black is a common color as well.  They do come in other colors such as red, and I have even seen a pink karate gi.  But you would do well to obtain a traditional white one when beginning your training or consult with the master that you will be trained by.  In most competitions white is the required uniform.

karate is a very intense sport, and it comes with many different traditional, and practices.  It can be seen as a sport where one rises from the bottom to the top depending on how much time, work, and energy you put into the sport.  A karate uniform, although not a primary consideration, is something that deserves attention.  Please think about the items above when considering your karate uniform purchase.





How To Defend Yourself From Collar Grip and Club Strike

As important as offensive techniques are, a strong knowledge of defense or counter-attack can aid or even eliminate the need of it. Here sensei Lennart Alp teaches us self defense against collar grip and club strike.

How To Defend Yourself Against Knife Attacks

Knifes are the most common weapon used in crimes. It can easily be concealed and taken with by a robber or a harasser to assault you. You can be a vulnerable target when you find yourself alone. However you can learn some defensive techniques to protect and free yourself from this unwanted predicament.

In this video Johnny and Noel Gyro teaches you how to defend yourself against knife attacks from the front and back.

Please do not practice with real knife or anything that resembles it. You or your practice partner can be injured.

Round House Kick For Beginners

Chuck NorrisRoundHouseKick

“Chuck Norris Roundhouse kicks are the 2nd leading cause of death world wide after heart attacks, most of which were caused by fear of a roundhouse kick”

Chuck Norris‘ famous roundhouse kick – see if you can see where he knocks Lee out (it’s fast). After watching this clip, I had to do a roundhouse tutorial!

BUT since this is a hardcore move, it could be  disastrous to show you Chuck’s without a proper tutorial! Please don’t do this alone! Better still get a skilled instructor to oversee before you go Chuck-Norrissing the living daylights out of someone with a Roundhouse kick.

Okay… so now that you have the low-down on the “how-to” so here’s the Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick, enjoy! (And remember, Karate is about self-defense not bullying so, use wisely or we’ll send Chuck Norris after  you!)




A few self defense tips for the ladies today. 

No question that an assaillant who attacks a lady is a coward, so it stands to reason he’ll often grab his victim by the wrist. This is why. He wants to control her easily and haul her to a concealed place (like a secluded alley)where he won’t risk getting caught or exposed to a would-be rescuer. 

Here are some quick and easy ways to resist and escape when an attacker grabs you by the wrist. Remember  SMACK AWAY! | CIRCLE ROUND!


Video credit: DarkMagician70 on Youtube


When a someone comes at you with a stick or a pole, you don’t default into “Negotiator” mode. No, that won’t do. There’s  no time to wonder what he means to do as you can be super-sure he’s trying to wish you a happy belated birthday!

We couldn’t think of anyone better than a Navy Seal to fill you in on how to avoid getting taken out by an assailant who’s got a thing for Babe Ruth! Here’s some military pointers on hand-to-stick combat. 

Watch closely now:

When the heat is on remember to:  



 Video credit: Turtlepress on Youtube


Self-Defense For Frontal Choke by DarkMagician70


With a vice-grip choke time-bomb-ticking you too close to passing out (and possibly even, passing on) try this FRONTAL CHOKE DEFENSE TECHNIQUE which could spell the life or difference you need most. Brick-walled into a LIFE OR DEATH scenario with a hell-bent assailant squeezing the living daylights out of you, create an opportunity to escape and high-tail your precious behind out of harms way by applying some quick QUICK | AGGRESSIVE | DECISIVE | DIRTY ACTION!

This is how you do it: 


How to Escape from a Sleeper Hold

This week, I really wanted to share a self-defense technique that would be useful to everyone. On many occasions throughout my life, especially during my career as a nightclub bouncer, I encountered the sleeper hold. The sleeper hold is a very common technique you will see used in fights because of how effective it is if used properly. In fact, it is one of the most difficult holds to escape from because of the sense of panic that comes into play when losing blood and oxygen to your brain.

I searched around online for quite a while to find the best video I could find of someone explaining how to escape from a sleeper hold and I came across this video on the blog. Apparently, the instructor, Albert Fabian is a 7th-degree black belt in Aiki-Jujitsu, which makes him pretty capable of teaching this escape.

Here is the video I found at Please be aware that they didn’t have a way for me to embed the video, so if you click the picture, it will bring you to their blog where you can view the video.

How to Escape a Sleeper Hold

If you find anymore videos that show how to properly escape a sleeper hold, let me know in the comments below.

How to Spin a Bo Staff by Missan Edwards

If you are anything like me, you probably enjoy practicing martial arts techniques that include weapons. Most martial artists will agree with me when I say that in a real life scenario, you would never want to spin a bo staff. In fact, in most of my jo and bo staff training, it was advised to make sure both hands are touching the staff at all times so as not to let an enemy capture your weapon. However, if you are planning on competing in a tournament where a flashy presentation is important, then spinning a bo staff is a must.

While searching around on YouTube, I came across some very well made videos by Missan Edwards, a Tae Kwon Do instructor from ETO Martial Arts and Fitness in Georgia. She does a very good job of explaining how to spin a bo staff.

If you know of any other great videos that show off good bo staff techniques, let me know so that I can share them with everyone else. Also, if you need a good bo staff, check out for a great selection.